Servers in the Data Center

I use Linux/OpenSource for most of my testing needs. I installed Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS with Virtualization support because I was comfortable with its package management options.

Here are the servers that I installed on my system. Contrary to prevalent opinion, I found documentation for installation and setting up the services fairly easy to follow and straightforward.

Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA) – I use Both Tacacs & FreeRadius for AAA. OpenSource options for both are available.

FreeRadius –

Tacacs –

Domain Name System (DNS) /Bind –

SFLOW –  ntopng

Syslog Server (rsyslogd) –

Network Time Protocol Server (NTP) –

NFS Server – &

DHCP Server – The OmniSwitch series of switches have DHCP-Server support.

In addition, I have other applications running
Python with Paramiko for scripting support
<To be updated as I remember>


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